Gaga’s gimmick

by Tom Lynch - University staff

Does the very fact of Lady GagaâÄôs gimmick constitute progress all by itself?
There should be little doubt that Lady Gaga does indeed represent the objectification of people, albeit a more inclusive objectification. The actual popular movements in this country may choose to hold up Lady Gaga as an exemplar, but that does not mean those movements need her. Rather, the opposite is true.
Lady GagaâÄôs brand owes its success to the real day-to-day struggles taking place in our communities, the fruits of which she so crudely utilizes for her own ends. All of this is not to say that we would be better off without some parts of Lady GagaâÄôs message, just that the worth of her persona does not derive solely from what it claims to be or what wishful thinking would ascribe to it.