Frivolous flat-screens

I find it very ironic that in this time of financial crisis, when most people are saving money, the University of Minnesota is installing large flat-screen monitors in academic buildings all over campus. Although some were installed last year before the markets crashed, the University has continued to install more of them this fall. Many are not even mounted in visible locations (i.e. the one in the corner by the U Card office in Coffman). And who decided that it was necessary to put up that triple-screen mount in Willey Hall? Seriously? IâÄôm all for sleek technology and keeping students informed, but this is ridiculous! There are other programs on campus where the University could spend this money and it would not be wasted. They should take a cue from everyoneâÄôs favorite, Gov. Sarah Palin, and put these monitors up on eBay! Katie Kilgore University student