FBI the real terrorists

by Timmy Ramone

The FBI claims the purpose of its recent raids was to seek evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism. Some of the people targeted in these raids are long-time friends and acquaintances of mine, and the idea that theyâÄôre supporting any terrorist organization is preposterous. Most of these folks can barely make rent each month; they simply donâÄôt have the resources to offer “material support” to any group, “terrorist” or otherwise.

Unfortunately, “material support” is an incredibly elastic definition as far as the state is concerned, so almost any act of dissent can be declared as “material support” of terrorism. This is the same smear tactic the government has used against another group of local activists, the RNC 8.

The raids should come as no surprise. The eight years of the United States spreading war, terror and oppression in foreign countries was bound manifest as oppression in this country. The “war on terror” is now a war on political dissent.

Clearly, it was their long history of antiwar activism that has made these people the target of state repression. The real terrorists are the FBI and the people in power pulling their strings.

Timmy Ramone, University alumnus