Sweatshirts are having a moment

by Melanie Richtman

Sometimes you just wake up with no desire to get dressed. The thought of putting on jeans and a nice top is so exhausting that you seriously consider just staying in bed all day. This way you never have to get out of your pajamas.  If only this were socially acceptable. But unfortunately, it’s not and we can’t wear pajamas in public (unless they are really stylish, but usually only celebrities and fashion bloggers can pull off that look).

So you roll out of bed and sit on your floor pondering what fresh hell the day will bring.  Just as you are about to give up, you see a crewneck sweatshirt hanging in your closet (or more realistically in a crumpled heap on the floor) and realize that everything might be okay.

Ever since Kenzo debuted its tiger sweatshirt a few seasons ago, crewneck sweatshirts are starting to pop up in many ready-to-wear collections, including Christopher Kane and Givenchy. Sweatshirts are having a moment and we should all take advantage of this by wearing sweatshirts as much as possible.

You can wear a sweatshirt without looking like A) you slept in it or B) an athlete if you just dress it up a little. First, crewneck sweatshirts are where it’s at. Save your hoodies for the upcoming athletic event you will be too drunk to attend. Second, don’t wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt, you will look approximately fifteen times larger than you actually are — no one wants that.

You can take the easy route and wear your sweatshirt with leggings and boots. It’s not the most original combo, but it is definitely a classic. A more fashionable way to wear your sweatshirt is over a dress or skirt. It dresses up the crewneck, but it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard.  Throw on a necklace or belt and you will look like half of the ladies at fashion week.

Bonus tip: Plain sweatshirts are boring. Be on trend by wearing one with a funny saying (I have one that says “shopping is my cardio”) or a playful graphic on the front.  Now you can still look cool even on the laziest of days. You’re welcome.