Stick with Ski-U-Mah, Gophers

Our school spirit diminishes as the temperatures start to drop. What can we do about that?

by Martha Pietruszewski

Do you ever walk around campus and suddenly see a person wearing a T-shirt with a different school’s logo? Well, that bothers me. We go to the University of Minnesota, and we must be, first and foremost, Gophers fans. 
School pride is an instrumental part of attending sporting events. The fan section is supposed to keep the team going and support them whether they win or lose. We shouldn’t be wearing Wisconsin (or even worse, Iowa) T-shirts. It defeats the point — if you’re so eager to show your support for those schools, you should have just gone there instead. You can have your preferences for other colleges’ sports, but keep them to yourself. 
Coming off a big victory against Illinois on Saturday, the Gophers football team will need our support now more than ever if they hope to make it to a bowl game like we have for the last three years.
But football isn’t the only sport that needs our support. The volleyball team does, too. 
After a disappointing loss to Purdue on Saturday, we need to throw our support behind them to inspire another victory. 
The women’s hockey team is also doing extremely well. The ladies defeated Yale this Saturday. Who needs Ivy Leagues? 
I have to admit, sometimes sports go over my head. I swam in high school, and that’s pretty much the only sport whose rules I know. However, I still fully support my Minnesota Golden Gophers and I am proud to be a part of this school. 
Even if you’re a senior graduating soon, it’s never too late to get involved. It’s a heck of a lot more fun than studying, I promise you.