SDS response to Rinehart

by Stephanie Taylor

With all due respect, Vice Provost Rinehart, when The Minnesota DailyâÄôs Nov. 5 article âÄúSDS members face punishment from UniversityâÄù was being written and published, neither the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (OSCAI), nor the administration gave Students for a Democratic Society members and supporters any indication that their charges were in fact being dropped. IâÄôm happy to see the University of Minnesota has made the correct decision in this matter. I hope to see these outcomes for the four remaining students and alumni involved. Mr. Rinehart, you have also indicated that students are not under the threat of suspension or expulsion. If this is the case, why is it that in meetings with the OSCAI, students have been told that suspension was a possibility; one member indicated the OSCAI interviewer saying âÄúI hope you can graduate.âÄù If SDS members are not under this threat, there seems to be a clear lack of communication between the OSCAI and the administration. I would ask you, Mr. Rinehart, to please inform the OSCAI that their threats are invalid and in fact empty before the other interviews occur. Lastly, IâÄôd like to note that if student dissent against the politics of the administration at this University provokes four or five student conduct code charges, then it is clear the student conduct code needs revision. IâÄôm surprised the administration has yet to initiate a formal meeting with members of SDS and has instead chosen an impersonal dialogue through the Daily Web site and newspaper. Stephanie Taylor Students for a Democratic Society