Gophers soccer gets two for the Price of one

Freshman Brianne Price joins her sister Marissa on the Gophers women’s soccer team.

Marissa and her sister Brianee Price pose for a portrait outside of Bierman.

Image by Mark Vancleave

Marissa and her sister Brianee Price pose for a portrait outside of Bierman.

by Drew Claussen


When Gophers freshman Brianne Price was deciding which university to play soccer for last year as a high school senior, the Gophers had a recruiting advantage that the others didnâÄôt âÄî they had her sister.

BrianneâÄôs sister Marissa Price, two years her elder, claims that there was no direct recruiting on her part.

âÄúI just told her itâÄôs her decision and she knew I could tell her anything she wanted,âÄù Marissa said.

Brianne had offers from Kentucky, Nebraska and Northwestern in addition to Minnesota.

However, itâÄôs no secret that her sister playing for the Gophers influenced BrianneâÄôs decision.

âÄúIt helped out a lot knowing, just being in a place where it wasnâÄôt going to be a completely new environment,âÄù Brianne said. âÄúI was able to come visit her and see the life of a student. She kind of prepared me a little more for what to expect.âÄù

Head coach Mikki Denney Wright said she was excited about having Brianne on the team.

âÄúBri is an attacking player,âÄù Denney Wright said. âÄúSheâÄôs a great playmaker and is lethal from distance, she has one of the best shots IâÄôve seen from a female soccer player.âÄù

In MarissaâÄôs first two years on the team, the junior defender played in 43 games and started 30, including all 23 games last year.

âÄúMarissa has become a very good defender in our system,âÄù Denney Wright said. âÄúSheâÄôs very focused and serious on development, incredibly responsible and is one of our leaders.âÄù

The Apple Valley, Minn., natives both graduated from Eastview High School and have been playing soccer for about 15 years. They credit their parents for getting them involved in the sport.

âÄúNeither of [our parents] played soccer. We lived within five miles of a soccer field and theyâÄôd always see kids playing every day so they kind of just threw us in,âÄù Marissa said.

Even though they are only two years apart, Minnesota is only the second team the sisters have played on together, the other being their high school team. However, playing at the college level is miles different than high school.

âÄúIn high school we would push each other more,âÄù Marissa said. âÄúNow weâÄôre kind of separate, like offense and defense.âÄù

âÄúWe donâÄôt even interact that much,âÄù Brianne said.

Even though the two havenâÄôt played a whole lot together, they know how to compartmentalize their relationship.

âÄúI feel like, on the soccer field, weâÄôre not sisters, weâÄôre teammates,âÄù Marissa said. âÄúI donâÄôt treat her any different than anyone else.

âÄúIf anything IâÄôm harder on her. I can say whatever, because sheâÄôll always be my sister.âÄù