Daily Digest: Thursday late edition, and Friday

by Courtney Sinner

My sincerest apologies for letting the beloved Daily Digest slip my mind yesterday. Today, then, we’ll bring you the Thursday late edition plus Friday’s news from around the area. Enjoy.


* The U came out with a study saying that people that donate kidneys will not face medical complications later in life as a result, a huge weight off the shoulders of some, I’m sure. Regardless, the discovery is everywhere in the news, from the UK to the LA Times, and just about every science and medical journal on record. I won’t take time to list the stories that everyone wrote because, frankly, it’s a really long list — but trust me, do a Google search if you’re interested in the details and I guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.


* Another U study confirms the ‘couch potato’ syndrome: teenagers that are ‘heavy viewers’ of TV (more than 5 hours a day) are more likely to have bad eating habits five years later. Researchers followed Twin Cities-area high schoolers and middle school students over a five year timespan and came up with the link. The U kinesiology prof who led the study said he believes it’s the first study to examine a person’s eating habits as related to television in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.


* The Strib reported on Wednesday that Minnesota is losing it’s competitive edge in the medical device arena, according to a study of the state’s economic future called Destination 2025. Apparently, the U is mostly to blame for this lack of creativity, the study said, which is surprising because of our recent investments in medical buildings and research facilities, and deep partnerships with corporations like MedTronic (although, most of those companies have been falling behind as well with the economic climate and layoffs). The Strib article quotes University VP of research Tim Mulcahy as calling the report a "wake-up call."


* Finally, something really quick to check out: an interesting feature from MinnPost’s Sharon Schmickle about Obama’s ban on torture and how some Minnesotans helped form the bill.


That’s all for my combo Thurs-Fri Digest of news. Happy news perusing and have a great weekend.


Courtney Sinner
Campus Editor