Street style: Off the runway

Audience members at Saturday’s “e.motion” fashion show were just as on-point as those up on stage.

Amanda Quade, Danielle Velasco and Hilyarit Santiago pose for photos in Rapson Hall on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Image by Jasmin Kemp

Amanda Quade, Danielle Velasco and Hilyarit Santiago pose for photos in Rapson Hall on Saturday, Feb. 2.

by Becca Most

As a crowd of students, families and high-end fashion-lovers trickled into Rapson Hall for the College of Design’s annual fashion show on Saturday, a number of stylish audience members proved that you don’t have to be an apparel design major to be well-dressed.

Capitalizing on the 39 degree heat wave, thin jackets were a staple of the night, often paired with chunky heels and colorful accents.

Amanda Quade

Accessory designer, School of Design alumna

Take a peek at the freshly dyed banana-yellow hair; it’s obvious Amanda has a knack for the unique. Her bold red heels and fur-lined hem juxtaposed the dreary fog of the Minnesota night and brought with it a refreshing look that some Minnesotans only wished they had the courage to don.

As a volunteer mentor for the senior design students, Amanda dresses the role well. She describes her style as “Type-A eccentric,” saying that she’s often “well put together, but with fun accents.” 

Sporting a sequined bag, a chunky blonde ring and a pale pink shirt, Amanda’s style prompts others to take more risks with their clothing choices.

Danielle Velasco

Mom of a prospective design student

Danielle keeps it simple with a black striped dress layered over dark jeans. She describes her style as “all over the place,” and dresses depending on her mood.

Although she feels just as comfortable in athletic wear as she does in vintage or modern styles, Danielle says she shares a lot of clothes with her daughter, a future freshman going into the design program.

The two share the same fashion sense and are even the same dress size. “So, it works out,” Danielle laughed. Talk about mom goals, right?

Hilyarit Santiago

Architecture masters student at the University of Minnesota

Hilyarit defines her style as “casual, but with a little bit of edge.” Drawn by florals and feminine accents, she loves a good statement piece that compliments a simple outfit. 

“Today it’s the coat, tomorrow it could be earrings or something else,” she said. 

With her black infinity scarf, high-waisted pants and square purse, Santiago’s minimalist-but-cozy style is perfect for a simple night out — chic, without making too much of a fuss about it.