Men’s Fall Style: Ovadia & Sons’ Fall-Winter 2014 Lookbook

by Grant Tillery

Men, this is how we should dress for fall.


Let’s throw away our fusty dress shirts that are three sizes too large.  Let’s cast off our boot cut jeans for slim, tailored chinos and dress pants.  Let’s learn the proper fit of our garments.  And above all, let’s eschew the trendy for the stylish.


Ovadia & Sons’ Fall-Winter 2014 lookbook dropped Monday, and every garment is coppable. The lookbook showcases just a smidgen of the wares from their runway show in February, one of the best to date.  Granted, I’m not encouraging you to mix two different plaids like the runway models did, but try it if you’ve got the chutzpah (and if you want to break free of bland Midwestern style norms that would get you punched in the face in more stylish parts of the world).  These looks serve as a sartorial primer for the colder months.  And if you can’t get behind the whole lookbook, keep in mind these five fall style tips.


Plaid is rad: The plaid renaissance began in 2007, with the rise of lumberjack indie rockers like Bon Iver and the Fleet Foxes.  Though it’s now showing up in mainstream stores, most gents don’t know how to wear it.  And while throwing on a well-cut flannel with a pair of slim jeans never fails, it’s, well, a tad blase and de rigeur.  Pair plaid with a pair of slim slacks or thick wool pants for a country meets Soho look.  Bonus points if you’re sporting a classic Buffalo check pattern.  Just make sure your plaid is either tucked, tied around your waist in nonchalant negligence or worn as a sport jacket.   


Turtlenecks are here to stay: I said it already last winter, but every man should own a turtleneck sweater.  Not a Steve Jobs mock-neck, but a chunky, warm slim-fitting number like the pieces the Ovadia brothers showcased on the runway.  White is a no-fail turtleneck color, but sporting a burgundy, dark gray or camel variant sets you apart from the stylish masses and injects an unparalleled dose of confidence.


All navy everything: The monochrome look is a runway move more guys should copy.  As long as there’s a neutral color that breaks up the look – whether a belt, shoes or coat – it’s a foolproof exercise in stark minimalism.  The black monochrome trend is overplayed (unless you’re Idris Elba), but an all-navy ensemble is royal and lordly.  Pair different shades, fabrics and sheens to make the pieces contrast and emit an air of unaffected je nais se quoi.


Embrace the leopard print: You’ll see me rocking leopard print around campus this fall and winter.  Many guys may think it’s too flamboyant to pull off.  Mais non!  Some of the most masculine visionaries are leopard print aficionados, including Mick Jagger and Kanye West.  Leopard print is showy without being gaudy.  Wear a leopard print button down or, if that’s too much for you, buy a jacket with leopard print sleeves like the Ovadia & Sons number.


Wear a proper coat: I don’t want to see any puffy jackets on campus during the cooler months, unless it’s 30 below.  There’s no reason to wear an overcoat everyday in a casual setting, but you should.  Campus attire has become too informal, and an overcoat is a statement of rebellion against the slovenly masses.  Look for a coat with a hint of 1970s swagger, like the plaid jawn shown by the Ovadias.  It turns the concept of the overcoat on its head by giving a much-missed pattern a shorter, slimmer cut and a double-breasted front.