Police find Library Bar and Grill safe

Police recently found the Library Bar and GrillâÄô s safe that was stolen late October, though without any of its final weekend take, 2nd Precinct Lt. Greg Reinhardt said. Police will not specify where or when they found the safe due to an active investigation. Reinhardt said professionals probably performed the theft âÄî tell-tale signs like killing the alarm system by cutting the restaurantâÄôs electricity point to a veteran crew of thieves. âÄúEither they had inside knowledge or they scoped the place out,âÄù Reinhardt said. Police are analyzing the safe for forensic evidence but Reinhardt said he doesnâÄôt expect to find anything. No other safes have been reported stolen since the Library incident, speaking to the rarity of this type of crime, Reinhardt said. Stadium goes out with bang Two visitors from Iowa engaged in public sexual activities Saturday during the last Gophers football game at the Metrodome, according to a police report. According to the report: A Metrodome security worker saw two sets of feet surrounded by dropped pants and underwear underneath a disability-stall door. He peeked through the stall doorâÄôs crack and saw two people engaging in intercourse. By the time officers entered the bathroom to break up the conspicuous couple, a crowd of 15 onlookers had gathered around the over-occupied stall âÄúcheering and laughing.âÄù After the officers split up the couple and cited both with indecent conduct âÄî a misdemeanor âÄî the male, 26, was released to his girlfriend. The female, 38, was released to her husband. Neither of the offendersâÄô partners were engaged in the explicit act. Rent-a-car, narcotics impounded Police arrested a driver for possessing a replica handgun and two bags of khat Saturday night in Cedar-Riverside, according to a police report. According to the report: Officers switched on their lights when they saw a vehicle illegally parked at 10 p.m. near 617 Cedar Ave. Police determined the vehicle was a rental from Avis Car Rental , but wasnâÄôt rented by the driver, Hassan Mohamed, who provided the police with a revoked license. While searching the vehicle and preparing to impound it, police found two bags of khat âÄî an illicit drug which produces feelings of euphoria similar to ecstasy âÄî and a replica handgun hidden in a black hat in the vehicleâÄôs trunk, according to the report. Officers arrested Mohamed and booked him at Hennepin County Jail. He was charged with possessing narcotics, a felony. The two other passengers were released at the scene.