Fascism defined

Reading the creative commentary from John Troyer, “Mall preachers bring brimstone, dates to campus,” (Sept. 30) reminded me of something I feel ought to be addressed. Troyer mentions the comments written on sidewalks around campus referring to “Christian Nazis” and “Fascist Pro-Lifers.” Seeing as how the terms “Nazi” and “fascist” are widely used these days by people seeking to discredit their opponents, and since we are all familiar with the horrors that fascism unleashed upon the world, I think that we must clarify what it is the fascists really believed in. Fascism took its worldview from nature and the community, while affording the state ultimate authority. Christianity, on the other hand, takes its worldview from the Bible, believing it to be the word of God and therefore a source of transcendent morality that all, including the state, are subject to. Nazis promoted and forced abortions upon many of their victims, while biblical Christianity opposes abortion as the destruction of innocent human life. Please excuse me for failing to see the similarity between the two.

Joseph Grodahl Biever, Junior, History