Wilf, build your own stadium

by Will Shapira

Regarding the Star TribuneâÄôs recent editorial on the Minnesota Vikings, the Editorial Board really must be worried to devote all that space to try to further enrich a zillionaire âÄî who refuses to disclose his net worth âÄî at the expense of us already tapped-out taxpayers. If the Strib is so certain that raiding the public treasury to bail out a public bloodsucker like Zygi Wilf would be good for Minnesota, why donâÄôt they find out what we taxpayers think about it? As the great populist Karl Rolvaag once said, âÄúLet the people decide.âÄù Not long ago, the firm Decision Resources polled Minnesotans on this and several other issues for the Pioneer Press and a new Vikings stadium was turned down by a 2-1 ratio. In the Jan. 31 Pioneer Press, sports columnist Charley Walters predicts a stadium deal will get done in 2011. That would figure: 2010 is an election year and would give the mostly-gutless Legislature the option of voting for the stadium next year and hoping voters forget by 2012. WeâÄôve already had the Twins stadium jammed down our throats to bail out triple-billionaire Carl Pohlad. It set an ugly precedent that undoubtedly emboldens the Editorial Board to try the same tactics again with the same old lame argument, âÄúIt will bring us together.âÄù What crap. ItâÄôs one of the most divisive issues in years. I challenge the Star Tribune to unleash the Minnesota Poll soon so we get the results during this legislative session and let the chips fall where they may. Will Shapira University alumnus