TCF Stadium guard fired after roughing up fans

by Matt Herbert

A TCF Bank Stadium security guard that was caught on tape roughing up fans after Saturday’s football game has been fired, according to the Star Tribune.

The actions of the guard were caught on a cell phone video and posted online by a fan.

As fans rushed onto the field after the Gophers defeated the Hawkeyes at TCF Bank Stadium, the guard is seen hitting fans and tripping one as he ran by.

The Star Tribune reported that the guard was an employee of CSC and signed a five-year contract in 2009 to provide security and event staffing for the University of Minnesota.

Bobby Krzmarzick, 26 of Plymouth who captured the video, said the guard was targeting people.

“(He) didn’t really seem to have any purpose. He would knock over people and they would just keep running. … He was really going after the people who were not as big as him,” Krzmarzick told the Star Tribune in an interview.