Disrespect in the Daily Overheards section

by Marais Wakem — University student

In the Overheard section at the end of last semester, one line read, âÄúSeriously though, I honestly think IâÄôd rather have my future son be gay than be a Packer fan.âÄù This is the most disrespectful Overheard Around Campus quote I have ever read in the Minnesota Daily.
There have been some pretty bad ones but this is picking on a specific group of people and targeting them to appear worse than what seems to be âÄî in this personâÄôs mind âÄî the worst possible type of person. I am a straight woman, and I find this incredibly disrespectful and out of line.
I read the Daily nearly every day and I think itâÄôs a great newspaper. The Overheard section is usually funny with quotes about drinking, smoking, sex and partying, but this one crosses the line âÄî itâÄôs too disrespectful.