MSA votes to keep concealed guns off University campus

The group also voted to clarify that pepper spray is allowed on campus.

by Emily Banks

The signs banning guns from University buildings won’t be going anywhere.

The Minnesota Student Association Forum shot down a resolution to allow students to carry licensed handguns on campus at Tuesday’s meeting.

MSA speaker Tom Meyer proposed a resolution last month that would allow licensed handguns on campus and clarify that pepper spray is not prohibited.

When it came time to discuss the resolution, Forum member Noah Seligman, a former Daily sports reporter, was quick to amend the resolution, removing all references to hand guns.

“I don’t think guns improve safety for anyone,” Seligman said. He also stated his disapproval of the state conceal and carry law.

No one offered any disagreement with Seligman’s amendment, and only Meyer, the author of the resolution, voted against the change.

“It went about as I expected,” Meyer said. “It would have been a little more fun to have some debate.”

But Meyer said he knew he was the only one in the room in favor of lifting the ban on guns.

MSA Vice President Monica Heth said she expected the resolution allowing guns to fail.

“I didn’t think firearms would be allowed,” she said. “But I thought there would be some discussion. I was a little disappointed there weren’t more comments.”

The vote by the Forum reflected University President Bob Bruininks’ statements from a mid-October meeting, during which he said the resolution wouldn’t receive support from the administration or the Board of Regents.

Forum members also mentioned Bruininks’ statement as a reason for voting against the resolution.

The resolution, however, did pass with the proposal to change the Student Conduct Code to specify that pepper spray is allowed on campus. The change would clarify the current wording that might make students think pepper spray is prohibited.

“(As is,) people could interpret pepper spray as a dangerous weapon and that reading would prevent them from carrying it on campus,” Meyer said.