Thank you for the letter, Dr. Weiss

by Todd Reubold

I just wanted to say thank you to David Weiss for writing the letter âÄúAre UâÄôs green lawns truly green?âÄù I have a pet that is currently being treated for cancer at the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Small Animal Hospital on the St. Paul campus. IâÄôm spending a lot of time and money working with the doctors there trying to increase his chances of survival and improve his health, so I was infuriated to walk out of the building the other day and see those little green âÄúchemical lawnâÄù signs in an area clearly designated for pets. When I asked Facilities Management at the University about the herbicides sprayed on the lawns, the response was that organic alternatives had been tested but âÄúleft much to be desired.âÄù Certainly the health of our children and pets is more âÄúdesirableâÄù than a few dandelions and bare patches of ground. Todd Reubold University staff and alumnus