Choice an essential belief for feminists

Planned Parenthood and birth control are important resources for young women.

by Geena Richard - University Student

Feminists for LifeâÄôs advertisement in the Nov. 8 Minnesota Daily is fair and is advertising a University of Minnesota student-group sponsored event. But I found the idea of this group hypocritical. On its website, the group calls out society for a lack of support for pregnant women. But it states it follows the feminist values of “justice, nondiscrimination and nonviolence.” That misses the point of choice.

Equal rights and choice is to live how you want to outside of gender pressures. So true feminists want to be able to choose how to live their lives. Feminists for Life wants to strip the choice of abortion away from women. That doesnâÄôt seem very feminist. So the title of their event happening this week (“The Feminist Case Against Abortion”) is incorrect. WouldnâÄôt a better wording be “The womenâÄôs case?” Or, “The pro-life case?”

Their website focuses on women who are in college, trying to earn an education; It mentions how these women should have the societal “support” to raise a child and not have to have an abortion. Support what? Their time? Or mental and emotional health? Support is a broad term.

What if these pregnancies came from a one-night stand? A young girl who wants to get a degree and marry and live a full life cannot possibly do that with a child, even with all of this societal “support.”

College students may already have that support. We have student groups, free counseling or psychiatric care, a hospital on campus and a day care too. But you have to dig deeper into the mind of a young girl in college to understand why abortion, Planned Parenthood and birth control are such important resources to young women whose lives are just beginning.