Campus sees less crime during spring break

Police arrested a man for disorderly conduct at CVS.

by Nicholas Studenski

With many students off campus for spring break last week, crime took a vacation, too.

Aside from a handful of thefts and minor crimes, campus was quiet, except for an incident the morning after St. Patrick’s Day.

While Matthew Wiermaa was working at CVS Pharmacy in Stadium Village at about 8 a.m. last Tuesday, a man approached him who appeared to still be drunk from celebrating the night before.

“He was clearly wasted,” Wiermaa said.

The man asked to be transported to a detox clinic, Wiermaa said. When he heard the man’s request, Wiermaa contacted his manager, who called the police.

Wiermaa said when the man realized police were coming, he became belligerent.

According to the University of Minnesota police report, the man refused to respond to commands and became physically aggressive.

Police arrested the man for disorderly conduct, obstruction of legal process and use of force, the report said. Officers took the man to the Hennepin County Jail.

CVS shift supervisor Mo Murray said the incident didn’t cause any damage. She said that because the incident happened in the morning, the store wasn’t as busy and the situation was easier to control.

Neither the man nor the officers sustained serious injuries, according to the police report.