Bring culture into plain sight

Many students are unaware of what takes place at Klaeber Court.

The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence is an umbrella group under the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs. The center is housed in Klaeber Court, and it seeks to foster an environment of inclusiveness and diversity, as well as provide educational and social programs at the University. Unfortunately, few students take advantage of its programs because it is away from main campus centers. The University has been in dialogue with the center about a possible relocation; this is an excellent possibility to pursue.

The center at Klaeber Court puts together events and workshops for the University. It also provides tutoring, mentoring and writing assistance to all students, as well as offering cultural activities and encouraging civic engagements vital to any campus atmosphere.

Although the center has tried to make the space as welcoming as possible, this does not necessarily draw in more students, especially because the location requires most students to go far out of their ways. Essentially, the University is wasting this amazing program because it is away from the campus core.

For a service that is free and available to all University students, it should be more accessible and visible. Moving the center to where the soon-to-be replaced Science Classroom Building is or into Coffman Union would be a great idea. Poor location should not be the only thing between students and the assistance offered at Klaeber Court. Relocating the center to one of these more convenient areas would push students to utilize this service more easily.

Minnesota Student Association candidates are advocating on behalf of the center because they see the move as a vital aspect of improving the campus community both academically and socially. The concern of space is serious and it’s a move that easily could be prioritized and completed. The new One Stop center could be more than a center for financial aid and registration; it potentially could house a new cultural center for the University.