Obama’s plan

I cried the morning of the election. While watching the initial coverage of the returns, I prayed that my fellow Americans would vote for change and vote for Obama. I felt full of hope that Obama would be able to kickstart this journey toward positive change. The typical cynicism I have experienced in the past was not present in this election about the plausibility of ObamaâÄôs platform. The single most important issue to me is the connection between the environmental and economic issues facing our country and how we plan to take action. Now is the time to begin. We have an economic bailout package available right now to begin to make a dent in our environmental issues. At the same time we must resurrect entire industries like the car industry. We have an opportunity to breathe new life into this industry in the United States with green-mandated car design that uses alternate fuel resources that protect our environment and reduces our dependence on oil. This is my stand and I am writing to express my support for ObamaâÄôs plan. Karen London Minneapolis