Paul&Paul for MSA

by Dylan Kelly

As a former at-large representative to the Minnesota Student Association, a Minnesota Student Association Executive Board member and as Legislative Certificate Program coordinator, I am writing to express my support for Paul Strain and Paul Buchel for MSA president and vice president. The progress being made on establishing a joint-governance policy, expanding our legislative advocacy and becoming more proactive in our municipal government has shown me over the past year that Strain has both the determination and skill to build a more effective student government. The elections next week are very important as MSA is undergraduate studentsâÄô most direct and effective voice when communicating with the administration, city council or the state government. Strain and Buchel have the most concrete experience in this form of advocacy, as well as the best plan to expand on much-needed student lobbying to the state legislature through the Legislative Certificate Program. There is a lot to be done to support the undergraduate student body. There needs to be a shared governance policy established, the social-host ordinance must be amended to include an emergency amnesty exception and student interests at the state capitol such as the availability of financial aid must be protected. If you wish to see these things become a reality you will vote for Paul Strain and Paul Buchel during elections next week. Dylan Kelly, University undergraduate student