The Fashionista is in: Evening Eccentricities

Dinkytown‘s finest night owls in renegade ensembles got face-time with my lens.

by Shannon Ryan

Going out is equal parts going outside the traditional constraints of your weekday mind and going outside the box with your wardrobe. Think differently. Use apparel as art to elevate the mundane.

Instead of tossing on a sheer, chiffon blouse atop a neon bandeau, saturated denim jeans and low-stacked heeled riding boots, take a different tack from the massive exodus of women similarly clad. Look to one of these three photographed style-ites to reap a few ideas on how to let loose in some nonconformist digs.


Who wore it: Erin Murphy, cinema and media culture senior

Location: Blarney Pub and Grill

When we think of going out attire, we don’t necessarily think of dousing ourselves in monograms, plaids and sadistic crisp collars — the traditional prepster motif. However, the Preppy Handbook got a major rewrite this season. With iced-out monograms and revamped plaids as a few luxe updates, this classic style is now fair for eveningwear. Shorter hemlines, deep “V” necklines and heeled oxfords all make the look impish enough for an evening escape. Those adjustments embody the upscale mien of a socialite while maintaining the relevance to a night out just off university grounds.


Who wore it: Ingrid Ellen Nedrebo, history senior

Location: Kitty Cat Klub

Night-on-the-town style doesn’t always need to roar. Sometimes it’s the quiet voice of apparel that speaks the loudest. An oversized, acid-wash coat, complemented by a pair of true blues and black, chunky-heeled ankle boots is a subdued look that screams model off duty. It’s a nod to androgyny, which has become an arching element in women’s fashion and a kiss to simplicity. Working a calm and edgy ensemble is a fine way to remain cool while letting off some post-workweek steam.


Who wore it: Leslie Olson, fashion studies and journalism senior

Location: The Library Bar

Unconventional wisdom says that for every painfully chic Balenciaga platform bootie, there is an equal and opposite stretch-cotton pant. Cotton pants add an element of insouciance to deluxe digs — sublime for a night out in the more-Coors-than-cocktails community of Dinkytown. This pairing is about turning the unexpected into the wildly coveted. Perhaps the epitome of comfy-chic, the newly tailored version of post-gym sweatpants combined with a gawk-worthy pair of heels is an eccentric set that’s fit to roam the streets of Dinky.


When getting dressed for this weekend’s events, put on something out of your routine. Try a sharp collared blouse buttoned all the way up and a raucous sequined blazer. Drench your neck in layers of cascading necklaces, or slip into a pair of stilettos with a crew-neck sweatshirt. Be daring this week: You’ll float into my fashionista radar like a cigarette with canary-colored smoke.