Dayton supports undocumented immigrants

by Pauline Wagner

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton claims to be concerned about our nationâÄôs security and to be an advocate of securing our borders. But his voting records on topics such as amnesty for undocumented immigrants are hypocritical. Dayton has voted in favor of giving amnesty to undocumented immigrants, according to Minnesota Public Radio. Why would a candidate who supports the idea of heightened border security want to give those who successfully enter our country illegally further rewards
like amnesty?

Instead of punishing these immigrants who are knowingly breaking federal laws, he wants to give them further incentive to stay, which will only continue the trend. By granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants, others who aspire to immigrate illegally will do so with the knowledge that they too might be rewarded with citizenship for breaking a law. Clearly, granting amnesty is only promoting, not solving, the problem of
undocumented immigration.

Along with amnesty, Dayton has voted in favor of giving undocumented immigrants other benefits like in-state tuition, educational benefits, welfare and health care services, according to MPR. These benefits would be granted to undocumented immigrants regardless of their status as taxpayers. This is unjust seeing that the rest of us, who have come here legally, need to be taxpayers and to our society to receive these benefits.

Dayton is evidently in favor of using our tax dollars to give benefits to those who knowingly break our law by coming here illegally. Dayton is truly encouraging the cycle of illegal immigration, which is not only a threat to our state, but to the nation.


Pauline Wagner

University student