Student services fees fund campus liberalism

by Drew Post

I am a conservative student on campus who has been paying student services fees for the last three years. It hasnâÄôt escaped my attention that the Student Services Fees Committee gives far more money to liberal groups than conservative ones. Even a quick glance at the recommendations by this yearâÄôs supposedly conservative-stacked committee shows liberal groups on campus will receive hundreds of thousands more dollars than conservative groups. IâÄôm tired of subsidizing Obama love and a myriad of bad ideas on this campus. If I could opt out of this fees system, I would do it in a heartbeat. The liberal whiners who have been writing into The Minnesota Daily are quite clever. They are clearly trying to poison the SSFC against conservative groups by claiming if they donâÄôt cut them more, it proves those members are conservative stooges. Well done. Hopefully, the SSFC wonâÄôt fall for your tactics and will evaluate these groups on their merits and not yours. Drew Post University undergraduate student