Frey for District 59

by Alexis Pennie, University alumnus

On Dec. 6, Minneapolis residents of Northeast, Southeast, Cedar-Riverside and the University of Minnesota will get the chance to pick the first new DFL nominee for State Senate in 29 years. I believe Jacob Frey is the best person for the job. 

Jacob is the hardest-working, most ethical political candidate IâÄôve met. After graduating law school and moving here, he got a job with a major local law firm. During his spare time, and through his law firmsâÄô pro bono department, he got busy sticking up for the little guy. He represented legal immigrants who were treated unfairly, tenants whose landlords were treating them badly and provided legal assistance to DonâÄôt Dump on Northeast, helping fight the cityâÄôs plan to get around their own zoning code and âÄúmanage toxic wastesâÄù in a residential neighborhood at 27th and University avenues.

He also led the effort to start the Big Gay Race, an event that was held last month along the riverfront to raise money to stop the mean-spirited GOP anti-marriage amendment.

I realize that Jacob doesnâÄôt have the family connections or âÄúpolitical experienceâÄù of some of his opponents, but maybe thatâÄôs a good thing.   What Jacob does know is how to spend wisely, shown by his ability to run events on a tight budget.   Jacob knows that it is vital to get the state and county to join the city in funding the Neighborhood Revitalization Project.  

If you give him the chance, Jacob will work tirelessly to bring fairer taxation, universal health care and consumer rights legislation to the governorâÄôs desk. He will work to fully fund education and will demand that we stop borrowing from our local schools. He will oppose ridiculous corporate welfare programs like a Vikings stadium. And he will always be available to you to talk about what is important to you.

If he knocks on your door, please give him a listen, and know that he will continue to knock doors and hold town halls, even in nonelection years.   Please join me in supporting a man who will be the peopleâÄôs senator, Jacob Frey, on Tuesday.