Rumors spread that Notre Dame and Texas will play Big Ten football by 2014

by Andrew Krammer

With the idea of four, 16-team super conferences surrounding the start of college football, one rumor has Notre Dame and football giant Texas joining the Big Ten by 2014. 

The talks of conference realignment appear to gain credibility as the Big 12 already lost Nebraska to the Big Ten and now will lose Texas A&M to the SEC. Other premier programs like Oklahoma and Texas are toying with the idea of joining the newly formed PAC 12, formerly the PAC 10.

Notre Dame seems the more likely candidate with every conference trying to get a piece of Texas and their top operating profit. Notre Dame has always valued its independence, but many feel they will be forced into a decision as the ‘super conferences’ continue to come together. What better place for them to land then the Big Ten? They already have three of their traditional rivals here in Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue. Notre Dame has already rejected two offers from the Big Ten, one in 2006 and one last year, and have expressed they will only give up their conference independence when there is a ‘major’ shift in the conference landscape.

That shift seems to be happening.

The plan sounds less likely for Texas, who currently control the fate of the Big 12 and could keep it together by staying put due to their newly launched Longhorn Network.