Undefeated Truax will ready for bout No. 4 this Saturday

by Brian Deutsch

Osseo, Minn., native and University alum “Golden” Caleb Truax will try to maintain his “golden” record (3-0, 3 KOs) this Saturday at Capital Punishment.

Truax’s four-round super-middleweight battle with Jeffrey Osborne Jr. (4-6-2, 1 KO) will be one of six bouts taking place at Myth in Maplewood.

Earlier this week, Truax discussed how far he’s come in only nine months as a professional boxer.

Just to start things off, how is training going?

Training has been going very well. I’ve had seven or eight weeks to get ready for this fight because it was pushed back a few times. I’m in great shape, and everything is going well.

How have you changed from your first pro fight last April to now your fourth fight this weekend?

I’ve been working on different things as far as movement and throwing more punches. This will be my fourth fight, so I’m getting more experience – getting the feel of things in the ring as a professional. I’m just trying to improve everyday and get better.

You’re fighting Jeffrey Osborne Jr. this weekend. How is he different from your past opponents?

He’ll definitely be the toughest test to date. My first three opponents were just to help me get the feel of the ring. They weren’t that great of opposition. This guy Ö his record isn’t any good, but he’s fought guys who are contenders. He’s beaten a couple undefeated fighters, so it’s going to be a tough fight.

What are your expectations for this weekend? Your last three fights have only gone two rounds each. Will this be any different?

I’m hoping it doesn’t go long. I’m hoping for a one round knockout, so I can get out of there and go celebrate. But I’m definitely ready to go the distance. The fight is scheduled to go four rounds Ö but hopefully it will end in the first.

Another of Minnesota’s top fighters, Matt “The Predator” Vanda (37-4, 21 KOs), started training with your camp. He’s also fighting this weekend against Fergus Falls native Andy “Kaos” Kolle (15-1, 12 KOs). What has it been like having Vanda around the gym?

It’s been great. I’ve picked up a lot of tips from him and I’ve been sparring with him for the last two or three fights. It’s great working with a guy like that because he’s a veteran and he knows the tricks of the trade. He’s shown me a couple of things, and he’s also going to push me a lot.

Right now you’re taking a break from school, but you plan on getting a master’s degree in either public policy or urban studies. Won’t it be hard to balance training and class?

That’s why I haven’t enrolled in classes yet. I’m trying to get the hang of training and all of that first. If I can get to the point where I can make enough money through boxing not to work, then it would be easy for me to manage both going to class and fighting. When I was an amateur, I was working almost full-time, going to school full-time and boxing, so I’m used to it.

Before you turned pro, you were forced to give up your amateur status and a shot at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Do you ever regret missing out on that opportunity?

I do wish I could have had a chance to qualify for the Olympics. I thought I was pretty close, and I was competing against guys who were in the top of the nation as far as rankings. Qualifying for the Olympics would have been a dream, but I’ve moved on. I was a little bitter at first, but now I’m just rolling with it. I like where I’m at now.

Your moniker is “Golden” Caleb Truax. Who came up with that and what does it mean to you?

Tony Grygelko (Truax’s promoter) came up with it. He kind of wanted to play to the U of M crowd because I’m a proud graduate of there. I like it. It represents me and the “U.” Hopefully I can live up to the “Golden” name.