15-year-old girl reports rape at U

by Elizabeth Cook

On July 24, officers spoke with a 15-year-old girl who reported being raped. She was visiting a basketball camp at the University.

The victim was taken to the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, where she received medical treatment. She was then released to the camp coordinator.

Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department, said it is an “extremely complicated” case and is still under investigation.

Area cars broken into

People reported four car break-ins to police last week, according to crime reports.

On July 27, a University student’s car was broken into at 21st Avenue South.

The front passenger window was broken and the student’s Magnavox car stereo was stolen.

There is no suspect information.

In another incident, three employees of the Community-University Health Care Center had their cars broken into Thursday.

All three cars’ windows were broken, and two stereos and money were missing.

All of the employees said they parked their cars in the parking lot in the morning. Several of the victims said they checked their cars during lunch and the vehicles were not damaged.

Employee Lan Nguyen said he found out his car was broken into when staff members went into the parking lot and saw that his car’s window was broken. That was when they noticed two other cars also had broken windows.

Nguyen said there are no suspects, and it will be difficult to find one because of the large amount of people in that area throughout the day.

Johnson said the best way for students to avoid having their cars broken into is to have a stereo with a removable face, to have a car alarm that would bring attention if it went off and to park where people can see the vehicle.

Johnson also recommends not leaving vehicles parked for a long time without moving them. These cars tend to be broken into more often, he said.

Vending machine theft

On July 27, someone broke into a vending machine in the Bierman Athletic Building.

The officers observed the vending machine keypad was punched in and the cash box removed. The cash box was found in a garbage can next to the vending machine.

Officers took pictures of the cash box and took fingerprints from it.

Chip McGlynn, account manager for the Aramark vending company, said vending machine break-ins happen in spurts on campus.

“It’s more common than we’d like to have,” McGlynn said.