Man accused in Victoria’s Secret thefts

by Nickalas Tabbert

 A 45-year-old Minneapolis man is facing one felony count of aggravated theft after a string of thefts at the Victoria's Secret in Uptown, where he allegedly took over $2,000 in bras, underwear and perfume.

According to the criminal complaint, the manager of the Hennepin Avenue store called police on Thursday to report that a man had just stolen a large number of bras from the store, said.

Responding officers found a man matching the suspect's description carrying a plastic bag with many bras hanging out with visible Victoria's Secret tags still attached, the article said.

Officers identified the man as 45-year-old Elbert Lee Wilkins.

Wilkins total theft from the incident was $682 – but he is accused of other reported thefts in the area in recent days.  He matched the suspect description in those cases as well, and prosecutors are now accusing him of stealing from Victoria's Secret on multiple occasions – as well as the CVS Pharmacy on Lake Street.

Charging documents accuse Wilkins of stealing $121.47 worth of curling irons from the CVS store on March 15, as well as stealing $374 worth of perfume and $312.50 in underwear from Victoria's Secret on March 22.  He is also accused in another bra theft of $681.

If convicted, Wilkins may spend up to five years behind bars and could also be subject to a $10,000 fine.


Elbert Lee Wilkins (Photo courtesy of