The relentless noise-collage of Black Dice

Dylan Hester

Black Dice: "Mr. Impossible" 2012 Ribbon Music

Ah, New York City: the hotbed for thousands of art-school synthesizer-based experimental music projects in the past decade. Of course, most of these have been long forgotten due to dramatically high pretension-to-inspiration ratios, but one has succeeded above all the others.

Black Dice, over the course of fifteen years, five full-length records, a few bizarre music videos and lots of overwhelming concerts, have emerged as one of the best-respected experimental music groups today. Their sixth release, "Mr. Impossible," will be released this April on Ribbon Music. 

Check out the Pitchfork +1 video from last month, featuring the band performing their latest single "Pigs" in a packed and sweaty Queens buffet. They will be bringing their anything goes, electro-noise-punk-dada sounds to the Cedar Cultural Center on May 8.