Response to ‘Brilliant display’

Michael von Fange

Last I checked, the University of Minnesota resides primarily within the confines of Minneapolis, which is the largest city in Minnesota. This being said, since when has so-called âÄúnight beautyâÄù ever been aesthetically preserved within densely populated metropolitan areas? Perhaps we should call for the city of Minneapolis to snuff the lights out of the brilliantly lit Wells Fargo Center, renowned for spectacularly lighting up the Minneapolis skyline. I have no doubt that the scoreboard certainly adds its fair share of light pollution to the surrounding area. Unfortunately, however, for you, Dr. Sirc, and other nearby residents, it also adds its fair share of revenue to the University, thus making its âÄúexploding light absurdityâÄù a valuable asset and therefore something that is unlikely to cease anytime soon. We must keep in mind that the stadium is an investment that has already been made regardless of how ill-advised it may have been. In light of this undeniable truth, I would like to cordially invite all nay-sayers, who have been more or less yelling and complaining to University officials about our scoreboard, to take a breath and perhaps suggest more amicable solutions to the problem instead of âÄúShut the [expletive] thing off.âÄù Why not suggest other options? Maybe the University could reduce the brightness after 6 p.m. or set a limit of night-hours during the week, something that would be more acceptable to both parties while still allowing the University to bring in revenue and please its occupying patrons. Without the surrounding community and faculty, like yourself, Dr. Sirc, the University would not exist and vice versa. This is an important point to consider before writing what seems to be some sort of angry tirade triggered by a bad day. Both partisans, in order to create a peaceful community, must make reasonable, responsible requests of each another, none of which I saw in your letter. Michael von Fange University undergraduate student