Ron Paul backs out of Williams Arena rally location

Instead of rallying on campus during the Republican National Convention, Paul will hold his rally at the Target Center.

Devin Henry

In a blog post Tuesday, former presidential candidate Ron Paul said he plans on being in the Target Center , not Williams Arena as originally planned, to introduce his Campaign for Liberty” in September.

“After measuring the excitement and enthusiasm, we decided that the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota was just too small to hold you,” the Texas congressman wrote. “Therefore, we are making a significant upgrade. The (campaign’s launch) will now take place at the Target Center, the largest arena in Minneapolis!”

University spokesman Dan Wolter said in an e-mail that Paul never formally booked Williams Arena – Paul’s staff had a hold on the facility for an event, but informed the University they were moving to the Target Center instead.

“I’m always the most reluctant to overstate our expectations,” Paul told the Daily in June. “I’ve been criticized for not having higher expectations.”

The Campaign for Liberty is Paul’s grassroots effort to spread his political ideology and support like-minded candidates.

More than 71,000 people have signed up for the campaign on its Web site.

“I’m always campaigning to promote individual liberty and the Constitution,” Paul said in June.

Paul had a strong University following during his presidential run, winning the Republican caucus vote held on campus in February.

He officially dropped out of the presidential race in June, and is currently running an uncontested re-election campaign in Texas’s 14th Congressional District.

In February, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama visited the Target Center, attracting a capacity crowd.

Paul’s rally will take place on Sept. 2. Tickets for the event will go on sale Friday, and will cost $17.76 – a patriotic nod to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.