Women’s Basketball-Gophers vs. Boston College

Brian Johnson

After coming off a career high 21 points Monday night vs. St. Mary’s, Katie Ohm is back at it again.  Through the first 5 minutes of play, Ohm had 5 points.  A close battle in the first few minutes of play, Boston College has a 22-10 lead after a timeout at 9:54.  The Gophers are having some trouble with a solid Eagles offense, lead by point guard Jaclyn Thoman and guard Mickel Picco.  Picco drills a three at 7:30 to give the Eagles a strong 29-14 lead.

At a 6:38 timeout, Boston College leads 29-16. The offense, still being lead by Picco and Thoman, just seems to be too strong and overpowering for this Gopher defense. Foward Stefanie Murphy (6-4), and Center Carolyn Swords (6-6) are also just controlling and no match for a relatively small Gophers lineup tonight. After two free throws from Zoe Harper, the lead has shortened to 11 (29-18). Despite the Eagles’ lead throughout most of the first half, Gopher fans are showing their love, something I didn’t expect for what I believe is my first women’s Gopher basketball game ever. The Barn almost got as loud as any Men’s game when the Gophers forced a shotclock violation for Boston College. The Eagles have a 30-20 lead with 3:50 remaining in the first. Foward/Center Stefanie Murphy is still providing a force down low for the Eagles, something the Gophers can’t stop right now. A timeout at 2:12 after a great breakaway with Emily Fox dishing it off to Brittany McCoy for the layup-the lead is cut to 7. After the timeout, Picco responded with a 3, only to be contested by Ohm with another 3. Emily Fox cuts the lead to 5 with a floater rom the side. This brought the fans to their feet. Score at half: 35-30. Pretty solid considering Gophers were down by 15 at one point. Just a minute and a half into the second half, Ohm hit another 3 to make it 37-33 Boston College. A hard foul from Eagles’ Swords on Ellis Milan brought the lead to within 2, the closest all night. It seems like the Boston College offense is slowly fading, with point guard Thoman not providing any sparks. Freshman foward Jackie Voight tied it up with a solid layup. McCoy hits two free throws to give Minnesota the lead, 41-39. It’s back and forth play as the Gophers currently lead 47-44 after two freebies from Jackie Voight. McCoy and Fox are leading the offense as Minnesota’s Defense isn’t letting thing go without a fight. The Gophers now have all their big shots in: Fox, McCoy, Ohm as Boston College calls a timeout at 12:19. Gophers lead 51-46. Gophers bring the lead to 10 again (60-50) after a layup from Ellis-Milan. Milan is providing a force that the Gophers didn’t have before, playing solid d with 10 points to add. Ohm hits another 3 pointer, going 6 for 7 tonight. This adds more to an impressive 11 in her past two games. Gophers up 65-51 with 7 minutes remaining. Timout called. Ohm hits yet another 3 ball to surpass her career high of 21 points. She has 23 right now and is 7-11 from 3 point land. The Gophers now lead by 18 (78-60) with 2 minutes remaining. What a turnaround. This one looks to be over.