Convention takes shape on day two; Coleman, Bachmann, Bush speak

After a subdued start to their convention, Republicans amped up their excitement Tuesday. The second session of the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul was more typical of what you would expect from a major partyâÄôs convention. Musicians performed, the crowd did the wave, and speakers engaged in political tough talk. U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner opened the session. Touting the Republican PartyâÄôs values, Boehner said itâÄôs what America needs right now. âÄúWashington today is broken and the Democratic Congress is its most visible symbol,âÄù he said. Minnesota Republicans echoed the sentiment by emphasizing what their party and state have to offer. U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, who represents the 6th District of Minnesota, said the party is known for its service to the country, and Minnesotans known for being âÄúnice.âÄù âÄúSome presidential nominees certainly know more about service than others,âÄù Bachmann said. âÄúJohn McCain has lived a life of service.âÄù She also spoke about the satisfaction of adopting children, something both she and McCain have done. U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman said McCain and the Republican Party will put America first. He likened the idea to changes made to downtown St. Paul, which he said was deteriorating 15 years ago. âÄúLetâÄôs offer Americans the genuine hope of change that Republicans can actually deliver,âÄù Coleman said. President George W. Bush addressed the convention via satellite. For more than eight minutes, he talked about Sen. John McCainâÄôs character and service to the country. âÄúJohn is an independent man who thinks for himself. HeâÄôs not afraid to tell you when he disagrees. Believe me, I know,âÄù Bush said jokingly. MondayâÄôs session focused on raising money for victims of Hurricane Gustav on the Gulf Coast, and those sentiments werenâÄôt far from anyoneâÄôs mind. This continued into Tuesday, as most speakers mentioned the hurricane. There was also a prayer and a brief announcement about several charities that are helping victims.