Live blog: Rep. Ellison results show lead

Courtney Sinner

9:38 p.m.: Ellison is now getting up to speak, according to Bierschbach. 9:18 p.m.: According to reporter Briana Bierschbach, Ellison is present at Trocadero’s, but no one seems to know when he’ll be speaking. 9:02 p.m.: With 10 percent of precincts reported, Ellison holds his 15 percent lead over White. Independence candidate Bill McGaughey is at 10 percent. 8:52 p.m.: Reporter Briana Bierschbach at Trocadero’s said she talked to University alum and Ellison campaigner Susan Woehrle. Briana’s text: “She wasn’t surprised he won. She said Barb Davis White didn’t have much of a campaign.” 8:49 p.m.: According to Secretary of State’s website, with 9 percent of precincts reported, Ellison has 57 percent of the vote in the 5th district, to challenger Barb White’s 32 percent.

8:28 p.m.: Jazz music playing on stage while people file into see Ellison. Lots of happy cheering, a Democrat who went hysterical when CNN predicted that Minnesota went to Obama. Lots of people drinking and having a good time. Democratic political signs everywhere and American flag balloons.