Culture to Consume – from R. Kelly to Nabokov

A&E finds the best stuff of the week.

Animal Collectives Fall Be Kind EP is out now. PHOTO COURTESY DOMINO

Animal Collective’s “Fall Be Kind EP” is out now. PHOTO COURTESY DOMINO

by Rebecca Lang

Culture to Consume Watch this: From the director of âÄúThank You for SmokingâÄù and âÄúJunoâÄù comes âÄúUp in the Air,âÄù a film about a detached man (George Clooney) who professionally fires people. Like âÄúSmoking,âÄù everyone loves the âÄúsexy man gives good PR to a disliked professionâÄù equation. Listen to this: While The Bravery and R. Kelly are slated to have releases this week, IâÄôm going to be checking out Animal CollectiveâÄôs âÄúFall Be Kind EP.âÄù Otherwise, hipster newbies The Happy HollowsâÄô âÄúSpellsâÄù is glitzy punk with femme vocals. Read this: Pop culture sage Douglas CouplandâÄôs âÄúGeneration AâÄù tells a story of bee stings in a bee-less future. To fill a thirst for classics, check out NabokovâÄôs âÄúThe Original of Laura,âÄù which his son published after the authorâÄôs ghost told him it was ok. Eat this: We here at The Daily are fanâÄôs of Washington Ave.âÄôs Bun Mi. Not only are the Vietnamese sandwiches full of cilantro and mystical âÄúspecial mayo,âÄù but they also come with fries. The best of both worlds. (DonâÄôt) drink this: Long islands at Blarney? Just kidding. Sierra NevadaâÄôs Celebration Ale is bitter and well, bitter. Click this: GQ has released their âÄúMan of the YearâÄù issue as an iPod app. While it doesnâÄôt have the thrill that holding a real magazine does, it does look like the future.