AFSCME negotiations

Judy Grandbois

ation of State, County and Municipal Employees union officials at the University of Minnesota are in unsuccessful negotiations.

It has become necessary to bring the Bureau of Mediation Services in to see what they can do.

Negotiating teams see nothing but a University unwilling to discuss some contract negotiations.

 Is this truly how negotiations should happen? Is this how University staff members want their administration to deal with coworkers? Is this fair?

When President Eric Kaler came into an AFSCME office, we were convinced that we had found an ally.  That does not seem to be the case now.  We would like Kaler to step in because there is nothing that is being asked for that is so unreasonable, unearned or unfair that negotiations should be conducted in such a manner.

University administration made it quite clear that they would be in charge and take little feedback from
AFSCME, even though what they offered is not only ridiculous, but insulting.

Union contracts expire every two years. Every two years it is necessary to sit down and try to work out a worthwhile contract for the union members, as well as the University itself. However, every two years there is grief and frustration, as well as a whole lot of pressure and disrespect in negotiations. 

We still hope Kaler will set negotiations right in order to settle the University’s contract with us. We have earned these proposals, as well as the respect needed to come out with a fair contract.