What to know, what to throw

Spotted: leaves falling on the Northrop Mall as first-year students stumble toward their first class. But whatâÄôs with the Crocs, dear little ones? It seems that someoneâÄôs going to have to teach you a few life lessons before youâÄôre thrown to those skanky wolves whoâÄôve been rounding the frat parties so much longer than you. Fret not, because A&E has your best interests at heart. Before you know it, youâÄôll be dating your sexy English TA, catching suggestive glances from both sexes and unexpectedly acing any test you show up for. XOXO. Throw: YouâÄôve spent your entire summer perfecting your business-casual shirt-tie-slacks for your coveted Target internship, but that stuffy professional attire is cramping your style. ItâÄôs time to don those plaid shorts and pink polo shirts once again. MTV set out to further ravage its programming carried solely by âÄúThe HillsâÄù and neverending reruns of âÄúThe Real WorldâÄù by releasing a musical based solely on teenage romance and malls, cleverly titled âÄúAmerican Mall.âÄù As if âÄúHigh School MusicalâÄù werenâÄôt enough tween romance for one decade. We admit it; âÄúSummertimeâÄù was in our head for the entirety of said season, but we just canâÄôt get pumped for the thirty-something âÄúboyâÄù band album that is New Kids on the BlockâÄôs feeble comeback. LetâÄôs be honest. If youâÄôre planning on sitting out the first parties of the fall semester to get ahead on making those cell biology notecards, this is your wake-up call. This weekend, you are officially allowed to kick your good study habits to the curb. Know: Stella McCartneyâÄôs hopping on the bandwagon of big-name designers churning out ready-to-wear lines for those of us who canâÄôt pop into Bergdorf Goodman after class. Adidas by Stella McCartney is a mash-up of flashy sportswear perfect for the fall semester. With the entrance of autumn comes the explosion of new seasons of semi-trashy tele-shows to help you put off that Cultural Studies paper just a few hours longer. Oh and if you missed the âÄúGossip GirlâÄù season premiere, make sure to catch it online before next Monday. Though J. SimpsonâÄôs country crossover âÄúDo You KnowâÄù has been met with controversy on virtually all fronts, A&E canâÄôt help but be intrigued after her first breathy attempt, âÄúCome On Over.âÄù Oh, if you havenâÄôt heard, the presidential election is just on the other side of your second wave of midterms. WeâÄôre not pushing one candidate or another, but know where you stand for your own benefit. Political awareness and involvement is très sexy!