Restaurant Week: Fine dining on a budget

Got $30 to spare?

Pete and Chris Jones eat at moto-i Ramen and Sake House in Uptown on Wednesday. Moto-i is one of many restaurants participating in Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine's Restaurant Week.

Juliet Farmer

Pete and Chris Jones eat at moto-i Ramen and Sake House in Uptown on Wednesday. Moto-i is one of many restaurants participating in Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine’s Restaurant Week.

Yena Lee

Hop on the foodie train while it’s in town — lasting only a week, the long-awaited Restaurant Week is almost here.

From Feb. 22 to 27, it’s your one chance to try some fine dining on a college budget.

With several Twin Cities favorite dining scenes reprising their roles in Restaurant Week, A&E covers some of the new restaurants near the University of Minnesota.


The Shout House

Nestled right by Target Field, the Shout House’s new location is a great post-game hangout.

The new menu by head chef James Brown — formerly of moto-i and Lucia’s — screams “Minnesotan southern comfort food,” which is what the restaurant is all about.

Chicken wings that have a spicy breading or the MNDouille sausage — which the Shout House prepares in-house — are on its Restaurant Week menu.

The Shout House also has a stage for dueling pianos at night. So, bring your ID, grab a seat, knock back a few beers with your buds and enjoy the show.


Try this from the Restaurant Week menu:

Northern gumbo: This is a hearty concoction with okra, beautifully grilled chicken and al dente carrots. With just a bowl of this stuff, you’ll be full.


The Shout House

110 N. Fifth St. Minneapolis

$10 for lunch, $15 for dinner (Restaurant Week prices)



Did you know that moto-i was the first sake brewpub outside of Japan?

Uptown’s moto-i boasts its sake — some of it sweet, others dry. But all of the sakes are house-made.

With its dark yet upbeat ambience, moto-i is a great first-date restaurant. And from hosting Fantasy Sumo League matches to open mic nights on Tuesdays in their Big Boy Lounge, moto-i makes for a great hangout spot.

Included in its Restaurant Week menu is an award-winning JFC (Japanese fried chicken). It’s a great gluten-free option for people who miss some breaded chicken in their lives.

Be sure to stop by in the summer as well, so you can sit in the patio area.


Try this from the Restaurant Week menu:

Tofu lettuce wraps: It’s a classic lettuce wrap with a well-seasoned block of tofu and a chili sauce on top. It’s a wonderful vegan option that even carnivores will crave more of.



2940 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis

$30 for dinner (Restaurant Week price)


Workshop at UNION

Located right underneath the posh Rooftop at Union, Workshop at Union is rustic. With its disjointed décor, the restaurant truly gives off the workshop flair.

Led by award-winning chef Stew Woodman, nicknamed Shefzilla, the menu itself is cohesive, and the execution is pleasant.  

Sometimes, chef Woodman hand-delivers plates to his diners, so be sure to say “hi” to the Shefzilla.


Try this from the Restaurant Week menu:

The Stewart Mystery Machine: At the time of the preview tasting, the mystery dessert was a ginger-spiced cake with brandied tart cherries, salted caramel mousse, caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream.

Each component of the dessert balances the other out, and it is a delightful way to finish dinner.

The Stewart Mystery Machine won’t necessarily be included in Restaurant Week, so stay tuned for a tantalizing surprise.


Workshop at UNION

731 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis

$30 for dinner (Restaurant Week price)