Don’t miss the message behind the exhibit

The shocking and controversial abortion exhibit in front of Northrop Auditorium is catching many people’s eyes. It is apparent, however, that not everyone is catching the message the exhibit has to offer. I was horrified to see a five foot tall picture of a dismembered little body, and I, too, was offended, disgusted and upset. Not because the exhibit is allowed, but because abortion is allowed in our country. Through the exhibit, I learned that abortion kills 4,000 babies a day – that’s more people than were killed on Sept. 11 – and that more souls have been demolished through abortion than were lost during the Holocaust. I had no idea that the free choice we have offered women in the United States is making such a detrimental impact on our nation. Anyone who thinks that the exhibit lacks logic and truth has only glanced at the pictures without considering the message behind it. People who care about what is right should have a look at the exhibit and consider what they really have to say. A logical argument may be hard to take, but that doesn’t mean we should close our eyes to the truth.