Dental school admin. staff set a humbling example

Lauren Huisinga

I was pleased to see MondayâÄôs article highlight the Dental School administrative staff salary cuts. As an undergraduate, it is nice to know that the entire $132.2 million University budget shortfall for 2010-11 does not fall on the shoulders of the students. Other administrators and faculty who can afford a slight salary decrease should be doing their part to lighten the load. This action is a gesture of humility on the part of the staff and reflects what should be their true priorities: keeping jobs and retaining educational quality. The benefits of the Dental School administrator salary cuts are threefold: Jobs are preserved, the excellence of educational programs remains intact and the community surrounding the University continues to receive quality dental care. Given these obvious benefits, I can only hope other administrators and faculty will follow the example set by the Dental School administrative staff and make paycheck (and attitude) adjustments. Lauren Huisinga University undergraduate student