Finding the missing students

Ever since I heard about Somali men disappearing, I felt bad for the people who loved them and worried about them, because it sounded like they were hardly getting any of the kind of help and support that those who love missing persons usually get. Now that a student has disappeared at the University of St. Thomas, and IâÄôve seen the kinds of support my community has offered to friends and family of that missing student, I feel horrified when I try to imagine what people who loved your communityâÄôs missing students are going through. Whether or not the FBI is on the missing studentsâÄô trail, I sure hope the University of Minnesota is treating the disappearance of its missing students as a worrisome tragedy to those who loved them and giving those people all the services that it would give on account of any missing student. God bless, and a speedy and safe return to your missing students and ours. Katie Gumpertz St. Paul resident