Back 2 Backpacks

This isn’t 2008. Get rid of that messenger bag.

by Annie Hiner

The sun is starting to set earlier and Minnesotans are finally ready to give birth to their state fair food babies. It is an exciting time of new syllabi and new electronics purchased on school accounts.

As the new school year approaches so does fall fashion. You may have a top model ensemble in mind, but you must not forget to include the most important element in back to school fashion: the backpack. Unless you are ever so confident with your ironic Dora the Explorer bag, get yourself to the mall, and find yourself a new companion to carry the books you’ll probably never read.

Remember the days of Lisa Frank and the original Disney princesses? This year backpack shopping will be just as thrilling as the first-grade days.

The fashionista is in, letting you know to trash that messenger bag, even you j-schoolers, because the backpack is back!


Heady knits

There is no denying the recent trend in attempting to look, sound and act like a hippie. Few are committed enough to attempt dreadlocks and sacrifice Carly Rae Jepsen for the Grateful Dead. Therefore, the purchase of a colorful, tribal print knit bag is the perfect way to look “chill” with no strings attached.

These bags do tend to run small in size — it definitely won’t fit your long board — but who cares about functionality when you look so heady, dude?

As soon as you snag one of these bold bags, you’ll finally be accepted into the circle of wooks jamming to Phish on their acoustic guitars and bongos at Hidden Beach.

Just don’t let them know you got your sweet bag at Forever 21.


Your grandma’s couch on your bag

If Urban Outfitters has taught us anything, it’s that your grandparents’ hand-me-downs are actually stylish. This year, that horrible floral pattern from your grandma’s couch will look a lot less horrible on your back.

These floral backpacks make functionality look feminine and will smell a lot better than your grandma’s couch. Snag a pretty little vintage-looking backpack and turn yourself into a quirky Zooey Deschanel look-alike. Fight the changing seasons and carry spring with you all year, literally.


Stop trying so hard

Trash those designer bags. They look obnoxious. A backpack covered in the signature Coach “C’s” makes you look like a spoiled and desperate high schooler. Flashy backpacks? That is just gross.

If you are going to rock some high school threads, at least rock a JanSport before you rock that Louis. JanSports are simple, reliable and a student’s oldest and best friend. Surely, most JanSports are covered in dirt and contain old granola bars in the bottom of them, but bags look a lot better covered in stains than they do covered in pretention.

This fashionista is in, urging you strive for fashion — but don’t try so hard, stupid.