Flu shots: Do it for your grandparents

Influenza season is right around the corner and young adults have an important role in keeping their grandparents, parents and other family members healthy.
How? Studies show that one way to prevent flu in the elderly is to immunize the younger population. You may say this doesnâÄôt make sense, but it does.
The elderly donâÄôt have as good an immune response to the flu shot. In addition to getting the flu shot, one of the ways to reduce flu (which can lead to pneumonia, hospitalizations and death) in the elderly is to lessen their risk of exposure to it.
Many University of Minnesota students will be visiting their grandparents, parents and other relatives over the holiday season. Before you do, get the flu shot âÄî or nasal spray if you qualify. Remember, you arenâÄôt doing it just for yourself. You are helping to keep your family healthy.
But do it for yourself, too! You donâÄôt want to get the flu either, as most people get really sick from it (such as fever, chills, headache, congestion, muscle aches and pains) and miss classes or work for up to a week. The flu shot, or nasal spray, is very safe and significantly reduces your risk of the commonly circulating strains of seasonal flu.
Give Grandma and Grandpa an early holiday gift by getting your flu shot! Refer to the Boynton Health Service website for upcoming flu shot clinics.