Shoes berate American capitalist pigs. Bastards!

Left and

Left: Everyone, especially American consumers, should be aware of the possibility that items that they purchase, from sweaters to large doilies, may have been assembled by children in foreign countries who work in abysmal conditions for measly wages. Right: It’s tragic! Horrible life! Foul smells! Left: These workers, some as young as 13, cannot bask in the workers’ rights that you Americans enjoy. They are products of capitalist exploitation, living violations of human rights! Right: All this for products! Products that you can buy for less cost! Shirts with loose stitching! Shoes to help with picking up loose women! Dolls with beans in them! Why shan’t they eat those same beans! Left: They are not fed. They barely make enough to purchase food for themselves or loved ones. Right: They assemble athletic shoes for many hours a day! They enjoy no lunch break, so that you may fast-break! Left: Many of these child workers are forced to work 17-hour shifts in silence, punished if they speak while working. Right: Silence in the workplace! A silence should be laid upon these knave establishments who revel in the adversity of these poor young souls! Left: You must stop purchasing these products, Americans. Right: Where is the love!? Left: Several human rights groups have fought laboriously to expose these violations. There has been some agitation, but the subject is ignored by the general public. Right: Ignoramuses! Muses of the ignorant! How can they overlook the savage trespassing on human rights that these corporations are committing? Just for shoes that they see as fashionable! That helps in leaping higher? Shoes with “air” in them? The air in these shoes must be the last breath of the destitute children whose hands shaped them! Left: These are the steps you must take, Americans, to end this injustice: First, boycott all manufacturers of clothing or shoes that exploit children in foreign lands. An easy way to tell is by simply looking at the tag of the item. Right: So be it! If the item is from a third-world nation, chances are it has been sweat upon by an impoverished child! Release it, not unlike the horror that these companies are releasing into our planet! Beasts of the savage! Left: Second, my dear consumerism-ridden Americans, contact your local human rights group to see what you can do to help these poor souls; both the children and the amoral vampires that have placed them in chains. Right: Help partly alleviate the capitalist disease epidemic! No more exploited children making mass-produced shoes! Left: Or doilies. Right: Let us shoes be born of fine liveliness and splendor, not from anguish! Left: Start the fight now!