Post’s fairy tale

In his Monday column, Andy Post writes, âÄúbelieving in the promises of Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden is like believing in the tooth fairy.âÄù IâÄôd argue thatâÄôs incomplete; a more accurate and more universal statement would be âÄúbelieving in all the promises of any politician, while disbelieving in all of the promises of his or her political opponent, is even more dubious than believing in the tooth fairy.âÄù No doubt this still applies to many Obama supporters; however, it also thoroughly applies to the columns of Post. In his latest edition, Post finds nothing good about Phyllis Kahn and nothing even mildly bad or concerning about her opponent Ole Hovde, in a slight rewrite of his earlier columns (substituting Obama and McCain, respectively). Post even goes as far to characterize KahnâÄôs political work as featuring âÄúhardly any action across party lines,âÄù although this is demonstrably true of PostâÄôs writings as well. Furthermore, speaking in such certain terms across all issues invariably results in contradictions: Post criticizes KahnâÄôs support of higher taxes and the current financial burdens on students, yet also finds fault with her failure to support added public costs such as those for more alley lights and campus police. I understand that opinion columnists should offer their opinions, including those for and against different candidates; however, PostâÄôs consistently stark black-and-white depictions of every issue and every race have little basis in reality. Individuals who think and speak in such terms âÄî on either side of the aisle âÄî offer very little to public discourse, which is why I am a fan of neither Post nor Kahn. Unfortunately, PostâÄôs endorsement likewise does very little for my nascent opinion of Hovde. The residents of District 59B, as well as the readers of The Minnesota Daily, will likely have to wait a while longer for constructive political discussion coming from the right of center. Tony Wagner Daily reader