Cleaner cars

In response to The Minnesota Daily’s editorial, “Uniform Emission Standards”: Minnesota has been a leader in the nation on protecting our rivers, lakes and streams. Now we need to make sure that our lawmakers are holding automakers accountable. When it comes to producing cleaner, fuel-efficient cars, the automakers have dragged their heels for years, and we have all paid a price for it. Today, cars, light-duty trucks and other vehicles in Minnesota produce one half of our state’s toxic air pollution. This pollution contaminates our water and aggravates asthma in children and adults. It’s time for Minnesota to be a leader and pass the Cleaner Cars standards. These standards would be phased in over time and require a 30 percent reduction in global warming pollution from new cars and light-duty trucks. Minnesotans have already demonstrated their commitment to clean up and protect our lakes, rivers and streams for future generations âÄî now let’s clean up our cars. We encourage the Minnesota State Legislator to pass the Clean Car Act this legislative session. Lance Brisbois University student Minnesota Public Interest Research Group