Bachmann: I’m not considering a presidential run

by Devin Henry

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is pulling limited support in any perspective presidential run in 2012, but Minnesota’s other highest-profile Republican, U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann, has told an Iowa reporter that she as no intention of following the governor’s lead and looking toward the White House.

Speaking in Iowa with Republican Rep. Steve King, Bachmann said she was crossing state boarders for fundraising purposes, not to raise her profile in a state with heavy early sway in presidential politics. 

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Bachmann, who is running for re-election in the 6th District against a state senator and a former University of Minnesota regent, said she has about $600,000 on hand for that race. When asked whether she had set her sights on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., she quickly said no.

"Bachmann said, ‘Goodness, I’ve only been in the House for three years, so, no, I’m not considering anything like that.’"

In March, Bachmann also shot down any potential run, telling a caller on C-SPAN that, “I have no intention of running for higher office … I want you to know that.”

But in August, Bachmann told World Net Daily she could consider a presidential run, "If I felt that’s what the Lord was calling me to do."

And Bachmann hasn’t officially ruled out a run for Governor either, telling MPR in June: "It would have to be if I felt like I was supposed to do it and right now I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. If my heart moved in the other direction and I had the tug, I’d do it. I wouldn’t be afraid to run for office. I just don’t feel the tug."