Staff prepares to introduce changes

In two weeks, in our first issue after spring break, we’ll be introducing a few new features and designs.

It’s been just more than four years since the Daily has made any major changes to its appearance. In February 2004, it went from a tabloid-sized publication to the broadsheet you’re holding now.

As a newspaper leader, one thing to always keep in mind – and I was told as advice – is that whenever we change or upgrade something online, do something in print.

It’s easy to lose focus of the print edition in this time of new media. We’ve introduced more blogs, new podcasts, expanded use of videos and regular photo slideshows in the past months.

But, it’s almost time for some big changes in the print edition.

In two weeks, in our first issue after spring break, we’ll be introducing new features and designs.

Some changes are for aesthetic purposes and readability. Other changes offer new features.

We wanted to update our style, including the flag, The Minnesota Daily logo across the top of the front page.

The staff has been working since before winter break designing possibilities, debating changes and deciding what we really wanted the change to include.

We’ve settled on a flag “enhancement,” not a complete overhaul. It still retains its essence, with even the same font that represents the Daily’s more than 100 years in existence. The new design is easier to read and less cluttered.

It’ll keep the signature red color, but will lose another piece. (You’ll have to pick up the paper after spring break to see what’s missing.)

The rail, the bar that runs down either the right side or across the bottom of the front page, will move to page two. So you’ll still be able to get all your news briefly. This move will make room for a new way to showcase stories and photos inside the paper, as well as online content.

Page 2 will become easier to read, with the addition of maps highlighting the countries included in the world briefs. The photo will be larger and more prominent.

Backtalk, the pages that hold Dr. Date, Network, the crossword puzzle and Sudoku, will also be getting a facelift and a new addition.

Dr. Date and Network will have a new, more contemporary look. We’ll also be trading the word of the day, this day in history and random fact for horoscopes.

With all of these changes and new features, we want to continue serving you, our readers. We want to keep the paper looking fresh and exciting.

Emily Banks is the editor-in-chief. She welcomes comments at [email protected]